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European turn signal plugs? WTF

Started by carzilike, 26 September 2023, 06:07 PM


hi all, I am trying to change these bulbs and I can't get this part to sit in the bulb holder
Its spring loaded so it keeps coming back out and there's no way to twist it or secure it into the holder

There is an indentation which I can see and the yellowish plastic piece slides in there but it pops right back out because there is nothing to hold it in place
I have never seen such a "unique" bulb socket - I assume this is just on euro spec cars?
I cant find anything online and I now understand why the bulbs on my car never worked - I doubt anyone understood how to make this happen


It was originally secured with three crimps of the metal housing - as seen at the 4, 8 and 11 o'clock positions in the photo.
Because the spring is so strong, it would be advisable to have three (or more) heavier crimps to the metal lip to effect a repair.

You do need to uncrimp the housing before re-crimping, so that the white plastic piece is the correct position...flat on the ledge and completely under the rolled lip.
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Ok I understand. seems like way too much work given that my turn signal stalk is also faulty so these lights working will not mean I can actually use the turn signals. I need to figure out why my stalk doesn't activate turn signals. it works for high beam