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euro bumpers and headlights

Started by delux68, 26 December 2005, 04:33 PM


hey everybody, i just got home from the junkyard and there is two 116's with the euros on them. one has a cracked headlight and one has a bent rear bumper and the trim is missing from the front. so my question is how do i remove them and is anybody looking for a right side euro headlight.
thanks everyone

P.S. i also scored an unopened first aid kit and a owners manual set for all 116 models from 280s-450Sel. it doesn't say what year


Headlights are an easy swap, bumpers on a euro come off easy, they are just bolted on, you will have to drill some holes and cut the shocks to make it fit your US car.
With best regards

Dallas, TX USA.


thanks, i got them off pretty easily now jsut gotta see if them install easily