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Engine Swap w116 and w126
« on: 21 November 2019, 10:41 AM »
Hello forum,

I am currently doing full restauration of Mercedes w116 280SE from 1979.

Around 1995 car had an engine transplant surgery. Original 280se was removed and it was fitted with 300D, manual transmision from Mercedes w123. Car needed new differential, new exaust and few more things. That is all put to fit new 300d engine.

But car doesn't run great, it can't go more then 110km/h, there are strange vibrations and I want to get rid of that.

So after doing some reaserch I figure it out that best option would be to put original motor back. As it is very hard to find one from w116, I decided to use one from w126.

Did anyone already fitted w126 280se engine into w116? Is everything ligning correctly? Should I be worried about anythig before I start?

Thank you all for your comments in advance.

Regards Novak.