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Engine shock mounts for om617?

Started by Engineerd3d, 02 May 2024, 10:38 AM


I am looking for dimensions for the top rubber mounts for the OM617 engine shock mounts. The only ones in the market are 100$ per side and I do not have a sample to measure.

The idea is to make a set in my home machine shop and pour urethane.

Anyone here have the ability to measure one end to end with a set of calipers?

I am looking at the ear center holes side to side.
Ear hole size.
Flange thickness.
Tube body size from flange to tip and size of the tube.
Center hole size and how much it sticks out from the main body.


I ended up measuring the ear off my car. For future reference.

The hole spacing for the m6 bolts is 54mm and the center hole is 39mm clearance hole (40mm measured at the casting)

Shock stem is 7mm

Shock stem is 32 before the thread starts.

Bottom part of the shock where the bushings go is 20mm before the thread. The shock has 8mm stem that necks down to 6.6mm.

Hopefully it helps someone in the future that is looking for dimensions.

Now off to my machine shop and pay myself 100$ an hour for two mounts!