door striker wear, do yours look like this? How to align to prevent damage.

Started by secondslc, 11 January 2022, 01:41 PM


Here is one I need advice on.

I adjusted the door handle engagement point so I didn't have to yank on it to open it. In the process my door stopped fully latching. At first I thought it was the handle putting too much preload on the latch mechanism so I pulled it off and shut the door... no luck.

Then I noticed a lot of aluminum shavings on the door and thought hey the striker is starting to wear out.

Took it off and found this damage.

Anyone elses striker look like this? Did I cause damage my misaligning the striker? All my other doors close square and true, and don't show as much wear.

Anyone have any procedures for door/catch alignment for a dummy that didn't mark his before he started messing with it?
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