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Distributor problems

Started by Bandolero, 31 July 2006, 05:16 AM


Thought I should share this and warn people about the problem of fitting aftermarket vacuum advance modules to the distributor.
My 6.9 needed a new vac advance unit, so I bought an aftermarket one from a dealer in Adelaide.
Looked ok, so I had the distributor checked and cleaned at the same time as the vac adv unit was fitted to the dist by a good mechanic.
When I fitted the distributor back into the car and did the timing, I noticed that under part throttle it would miss and fart around a bit. Timing seemed ok and then I found that if I disconnected the vac advance, it would work ok. (Not miss at all.)
On Saturday I picked up some bits at U Pull It, including a couple of distributors off 450's etc. (They seem to be the same as the 6.9.)
Today I fitted one of the distributors to my motor and noticed that the distributor that I had the new vac adv unit fitted to, looked a bit different to the other two that I bought from the wreckers.
On the repaired distributor, when the rotor was facing one of contacts for the rotor inside the distributor cap, the magnetic prongs that should line up, were nowhere near each other, compared to the other two that were.
Figured it out....the strut that connects the vac pod to the vac advance plate was shorter on the new unit which caused the rotor to be almost between contacts on the dist cap, which caused missfiring when the vac advance "kicked in" on part throttle.
Works perfectly now, so I will try to get a refund on the new part that is wrong.......wish me luck!!!!!!
Also, one of the Mercs at the wreckers was a rarer, (imported) 350SEL.
Yes, I bought the boot badge.
For our US friends...boot = trunk.

Russell Bond - (Adelaide, South Australia)
1978 450SEL 6.9 .... #5166 .... 12/78 (Sold.) [url="//"][/url]