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Diesel RPM adjust

Started by dizzyD, 30 March 2007, 10:11 AM


My 80 300sd needs to bump up RPM's about 25-50 RPM's. Especially when cold, she rattles everywhere, but if I step on the pedal ever-so-slightly, the rattles diminish. I have had the engine and tranny mounts changed when I first got her 2.5 years ago. But when looking at all the linkages under the hood, I am not sure which one I should adjust. ??? Their is alot of linkages. the one that come straight off of the accel pedal, splits into 3 different adjustments (all being adjustable), but I would imagine the one that goes to the injection pump is the one I should adjust, but want to ask b4 I could screw somethin up.

Thanks, Brian