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""DEF"" on the air con fan

Started by HAKO, 02 June 2008, 06:38 AM


Hi Guys,

What is the meaning of "DEF", last step of the A/C fan ventilator ?




Defrost - it opens up the windscreen vents, puts fan on full speed.



me and my brother always used to joke it meant we were going beyond defcom 3, as when you turned it on, the vents made this almighty noise sounding as if
the world was going to end - but thats just me...
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Def turns the fan to full speed on manual a/c cars but air is only directed to the windshield if you move both direction levers all the way up. You will aso see the markings on the a/c panel to move the temp levers to max heat in order to maximize defrost.

On Climate Control equipped cars, DEF will direct air at full blast and hot temp to the windshield, closing the center vents but still blowing some warm air out of the side vents. DEF in this case bypasses all other functions of the Climate Control system.