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hi i own a vary nice 450se i love it when i bought in 1973 in hollywood ca i have had it ever since but two things i want to know one is on the passanger side there is no mirror to look down the side of the car only on the drivers side came like that from the dealer there are no holes just a chrome plate. then when i looked on the online manuel for the air condtion controls it says i have a automatic one but i have a differnt one that is like two circle controls and 4 sliding knobs but my 450sl 1980 years has auto can you please tell me whats up :roll:

I believe the passenger side rear-vision mirror was made standard from 1794 onwards. They may have been optional in 1973, the first year these cars were available.

As for the air-conditioning, it sounds like you have the same setup as the rest of the world which missed out on the climtae control. From memory, the top dial (white) sets the fan speed and the bottom dial (blue) sets the air-conditioning strength. You should also be able to see a small black notch on the blue mark which shows where the airconditioning closes the vent for outside air.

The 4 sliding knobs from left to right control heat on the left side, vents at the bottom of the dashboard, vents on the tops of the dashboard (windscreen) and finally heat on the right side.

Also, just for your information, you should notice the air vent that flows into the front door cavities which will heat or cool that space for the purpose of keeping the windows from fogging and also for maintaining temperature in the front of the cabin.

so are you saying that the climate control never came auto on the se but did on the sl ???
and do you think this car would be a good daily driver for a 16 yearold going to school and taking his friends around

I suspect that the climate control air-conditioning became available after 1973. I am not able to say for sure but perhaps someone else can confirm. Does your car have the Euro bumpers or the US bumpers? I believe the US bumpers were introduced post-'73 too.

As for being a suitable car for a 16 year old, I would say it would be difficult to find a better car. It is big and strong in case he does do something silly but it is also very difficult to do something silly. I often regard one of the best safety features of our cars is the way it encourages to be driven safely. It is difficult to race around streets not because it can't but because it simply is not that quick. These cars were made to cruise at +150km/h and everything else, including reaching cruising speed is done leisurely.

ok i see thanks agian how would i know if i have euro or american bumbers the bumbers are pretty small hard to sit on them but i have the quad circle headlamps


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