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The Euro bumpers have the upper and lower bumber the same size. The USA bumbers have the lower bumper MUCH bigger than than the upper bumper. If you can't sit on the bumpers, it would sound like you have the Euro bumpers.

looks like my se has euro bumpers and my sl has the wide long american bumpers

I love these Forums - 450SE Classic has just taught em something I didnt know! I always wondered what those vents in the doors were for - now I know. I also wondered what teh "break" in teh blue swirl means (closing vents!) and finally I really had no idea what the four slides did! So, one last question - with the heater on, should hot air ever come out the centre two vents, or just the side vents???

I was just thinking this the other day! On my car, the heat only comes out the side, dash or foot vents depending on the position of the sliding controls. I am fairly certain this is the way it is meant to be as only a few years ago I had most of my centre console worked on with numerous broken parts replaced.

Also something that many people do not know, the owners manual recommends that the heat and airconditioning be on at the same time when defrosting the windows and the air-conditioning helps to dry the air. This should actually apply to all cars and most people a very surprised when made aware of this.

Further to this, I personally run the air-conditioning year round and adjust the heat in winter. I have found in the past that the a/c unit would seize if not used and figure the cost of fuel of running the a/c year round is cheaper than replacing the a/c unit.

OK, can I ask a "dumb" question!!  With the slide controls if you put both "red" slides to the top this is heating both sides of the car in theory is it? (sounds like an early version of the now dual zone climate control!!!)  My query is if you have the second from left slide up (near the up arrow) I assume air comes out the top of the dash - if the slide is down then that's effectively "off" right?? Same with the slide and the down arrow, yes ? (either footwell is "on" if up or "off" depending on whether the slide is up or down?

Lastly, day one of ownership of 116 (six weeks ago) I put the air cond on (original gas, never been changed!) and after 15 minutes a white haze came in thru the centre vents....I almost drove off the road as I thought it was smoke!! Infact I think it was just condensed air as the a/c is so bloody cold...there was no smell or anything and it just looked like when you open the freezer at home.....make this normal???!!!!!!



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