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--- Quote from: "Chris M" ---OK, can I ask a "dumb" question!!  With the slide controls if you put both "red" slides to the top this is heating both sides of the car in theory is it? (sounds like an early version of the now dual zone climate control!!!) My query is if you have the second from left slide up (near the up arrow) I assume air comes out the top of the dash - if the slide is down then that's effectively "off" right?? Same with the slide and the down arrow, yes ? (either footwell is "on" if up or "off" depending on whether the slide is up or down?
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This is all correct. The heating system was rather advanced for its time and would often appear as part of the marketing material, I believe. When ever I show my passenger that they can adjust the temperature of their side of the car they never seem as impressed about it as I am! :o

--- Quote ---Lastly, day one of ownership of 116 (six weeks ago) I put the air cond on (original gas, never been changed!) and after 15 minutes a white haze came in thru the centre vents....I almost drove off the road as I thought it was smoke!! Infact I think it was just condensed air as the a/c is so bloody cold...there was no smell or anything and it just looked like when you open the freezer at home.....make this normal???!!!!!!
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I saw this once in my car. It was rather cold and wet outside and the condensation appeared as soon as the airconditioning was switched on but was over quickly. After the initial concern I thought it was pretty exciting but was never able to reproduce it. I would be concerned if it happened often.

well I'm impressed its got dual zone - cant wait to brag to my wife that her 2001 model doesnt (ML320) and mine does!!!!

Let me know if you get a better response! I have even thought about reading quotes from old magazine articles about the innovation in having dual zones! :lol:

Just to make it easier I've added a photocopy of the vent controls which are out of a manual for the 116, albeit one without a/c.  Click on the picture to make it bigger and readable.  My 350se has the two dials, white ring for fan and green ring instead of blue for a/c.

It's true too that the centre vents will only blow out external or a/c air, they'll never blow warm. I don't think the sides blow a/c air.  Don't know the rationale but this design has carried thru to VW and MB vans I drive at work.

Thanks mb350. Very helpful upload.


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