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Climate Control vacuum leak

Started by Rolo, 24 January 2023, 08:13 PM


Sorry about this post. I know it's been discussed, but I can't find the thread now.  I've had a faint whistling sound in the dash for years and finally one of the lines is shot and the heater valve is fully opened all the time.  Not an issue with cold weather, but I need to get this fixed.  The leak is close to the climate control panel based on the hissing sound.

Can I access through the glove compartment opening or center console control panel?



So we found the leak.  It was the climate control unit under the hood.  That was replaced 40,000 miles ago.  I thought they were supposed to last a long time, you know, the units with the aluminum case.

We replaced with the much improved $1,700 unit. Ouch.


Quote from: Rolo on 04 May 2023, 05:35 PMWe replaced with the much improved $1,700 unit. Ouch.

1977 450 SEL 6.9 - Astralsilber


Yeah, curious which unit this is. I have the Hamilton electronic unit in my car, which works aside from not being able to switch between heat and cooling due to a poor choice of capacitor. Luckily in Southern California, you rarely need both on the same day!
1979 300 SD "Liesel", 282k Miles