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Car Stalled 1977 280SE - Fuel Pumps?

Started by carzilike, 06 October 2023, 07:17 PM


Quote from: revilla on 07 October 2023, 08:37 PMHi,
Definitely not a 1977 car as stated  from the start which would have a K-Jetronic injection system. So none of the advice given before applies. I would disconnect fuel intake hose at engine, place a suitable container (or extension hose to a container) and crank and see if fuel comes out. If none, you've got your first answer regarding the pump. If yes, what condition of fuel? Clear? Good amount? About 1 liter every 30 seconds? The answers to those first questions will determine next steps. Definitely, changing filters/hoses would never hurt, but we can't cross fingers that the car will miraculously start running right after that. Neither with tapping the pump with a hammer.
Good luck.

I'll ask the shop to try this
What if simply using a 12V source to "jump" the fuel pump is used to determine if pump is good or bad?


You ordered the wrong fuel pump you have a d jetronic car that runs with ~ 2.5 bar Pressure , the pump you ordered is for a k jetronic car that uses ~ 5.5 bar Pressure , it will run with the k jetronic pump but you are riskin damaging the pressure regulator because it will have to work hard to keep the pressure down.

As a simple rule ,280se k jetronic cars have the air filter one the engine, d jetronic has it behind the front light.

The part number for the pump would be 0010917101 notice that the fuel output hose is not screwed on like on k jetronic cars  but just attached with hose clamps , in germany you could get a replacment quite easy .


Quote from: carzilike on 09 October 2023, 11:04 AM
Quote from: johnnyw116 on 07 October 2023, 03:06 PMSeeing the pics i noticed that you have an D-Jetronic (so your car must be older as 1977) , and than you need another type fuelpump that gives an lower pressure ,and i also noticed they changed the original D-jetronic pump for an later model pump

Can you please share the part number?
I ordered this pump which is for
1977 Mercedes-Benz 280SE Up to #089586 (my cars vin is well below this)

On they mention an L-jetronic 3 Bar Porsche 944 fuelpump as an better replacement , the part number is : BOSH 0580464021                       

The original Fuel pumps are NLA and the perfect replacement for an original would be an Nissan 17011-P7211 but they are much more exspensive


Quote from: carzilike on 09 October 2023, 11:05 AMI'll ask the shop to try this
What if simply using a 12V source to "jump" the fuel pump is used to determine if pump is good or bad?

Yes of course that's a classic method to test the pump. But you have asked at the beginning for a testing method different than that. I would however disconnect the 2 terminals before applying any voltage to avoid damaging anything upstream.
Regardless, the shop has determined it's the pump. So it's fair to assume they have done all those tests already.
If on the other hand it's you who's doing this, be extremely careful. Fuel and voltage are very good friends with fire. Safety, safety, safety.
Good luck.


Formed Fuel hoses best to buy Mercedes. Any bulk hose get fuel injection rated at parts store. Clamps use Norma or other rolled edge type.
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Looks like I will have to return the one I ordered then
Will either of these work the same at the correct pressure needed?

BOSH 0580464021                      



From the picture i would say that the Bosch 0580464021 is a standard k jetronic pump .
The fuel for d jetronic is the same for l jetronic cars.
Actually you could take an external fuel pump from any car with electronic injection .

Here is a list of cars that use the same pump like yours from factory:

Jaguar    XJ, XJSC
Pininfarina    Spidereuropa
Peugeot    405 I, 405 II, 505
Citro├źn    BX, CX I, CX II, Visa
Fiat    132, Argenta, Ritmo
Austin    Maestro, Metro, Montego
MG    Maestro, Metro, Montego
Lancia    Beta, Delta I, Gamma, Trevi, Y10
Renault    19 I, 19 II, 21 Kombi, Rapid, Super 5
BMW    2500-3.3 E3, 3er E30
BMW    3er Cabriolet E30, 3er Touring E30
BMW    5er E12, 5er E28, 6er E24, 7er E23
Rover    200, 2000-3500, Montego, Ibiza I, Malaga
Alfa Romeo    33, 6, 75, 90, Giulietta, GTV, RZ, Spider, SZ
Opel    Ascona B, Ascona C, Commodore C, Kadett C
Opel    Kadett E, Manta B, Monza A, Omega A, Rekord E, Senator A
And also some part numbers
06443402, 119110402100, 16121115862, 16141178751, 16141179232
3059060911, 4421193, 4460210, 52251521, 547166, 60521992, 60546091, 815011
145059, 60521992, 60810370, 7635535, 7700722393, 815004, 7700855358, 82308678


Thanks for this. I let the shop go ahead and order the part their system is showing and sent the incorrect pump back to FCP. They refunded me the duties as well since I am in Canada it was $50 just to get it across the border.. the cars running and fuel pressure is good I haven't gone to pick it up yet as they are now telling me the brake caliper is leaking and there's no brakes..