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Hi All
I plan to do my first ever brake fluid change on my 1979 280SE, and I note from the forum that DOT 4 is the correct fluid.
My question is, if 1L is enough, or will I need more?

Brake system has a capacity of about 0.5 litre. I personally always buy a bit more than 1 litre (usually 1,5 litre) just so that i can thoroughly flush the system.

One tip that I can give is to invest in an power bleeder for brake/clutch systems. It contains a reservoir in which you fill the brake fluid, and has a cap which screws onto the brake fluid reservoir. You then put the brake system under pressure which forces the fluid out of a caliper when you open a bleed nipple. Really helpfull if you're alone.

Thanks Max, that is really useful.

I have an earlier version of (available in other shops also) that I've used for near 20 years across all cars owned by me or members of my family. Trouble and error free brake bleeding. Save yourself hassle and invest.


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