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Blower motor options / heater stuck on

Started by Jenno1981, 23 June 2023, 06:41 AM


Hi guys,

I've got an AC blower motor/fan gone (tried 12v direct, clean out and even 'hitting the dash').

Options? Buying 2nd hand seems problematic.

Also, heater stuck on which I remember reading a common issue, just can't find any of the threads. Would appreciate advice there as well.

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Can't help with the blower motor, but the heater stuck on sounds like a failed servo. Unfortunately, this is a very common (and expensive) problem for vehicles with the later automatic ACCII climate control system.

Purists may prefer to continuously replace / repair the servo unit and amplifier, but its overcomplicated design is so inherently flawed (blame Chrysler, not MBZ) that I don't think it's worth the hassle. Modern microcontoller-based electronic alternatives are available from Hamilton or Unwired Tools, and should solve your problem permanently (assuming you don't have other issues with vacuum or electrical wiring).


Thanks Sutekh, I have the old manual climate control not the auto. I found out it uses a vacuum valve in the engine bay that fails and defaults to the 'on' position. I turned it off manually and I'll come up with something...

Blower Fan - bit the bullet and got a 2nd hand. See how long it lasts. Turns out my old one had worn down bushes, I see MercedesSource sells a bushes kit, any reviews on that here?
1978 450SEL - Green
1999 ML430 - Also green 🤷�♂️


Blower fan, there is option of this one:

Is this the valve?

It's NLA, but I remember a couple of years ago you could find aftermarket ones for very little.
Dont know if the ones offered now are NOS or just a rip off.

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Thanks Rumb! Legend.

I've locked away that Uro reference if my new old Blower packs it in.

I'll have a hunt around for the heater valve. Saying that, haven't had a go at fault-finding so also check that off.

1978 450SEL - Green
1999 ML430 - Also green 🤷�♂️


When there is bad vacuum leak, FSM says unit goes to full hot.

As posted in another thread, I'm having a lot of issues with Unwired Tools  Shop and I both are trying to get resolved.   On paper sounds like a great unit at a lower price.  For starters, you lose the lowest fan speed setting, which if I get mine to work, will bother me.  I like the lowest fan speed.

If I could do over, I would just rebuild by old unit whenever it fails.