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Becker Europa Radio Stays On

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In that case I would think this is a broken Becker button. Power supply from the car, on/off works, so I think that is that.
Not fixing that problem would also be a good option. :D

there is a good chance someone retrofitted this and its live off the battery, not the fuse box. is there a separate wire to the battery positive terminal and perhaps this is the radio power confirming someone added power to it improperly?

Ha ha not fixing the problem is a definite short term fix. I should add that when I turn on the radio it does get louder, it’s just that when I turn it off there is still some faint radio sound coming through and a loud constant buzzing noise.

You could try your luck and spray some contact spray in the button..

I've read about contact spray in the forum. What makes that so special? It must be some sort of non-conducting cleaner..


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