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Hello all!

I have decided to swap my aftermarket air intake system back to factory. I have yet to procure any parts and am unsure where to begin. I know I will need everything after the turbo. So far my cart includes the U-tube, air box, bracket, and bracket supports/rubber dampeners for the air box. Am I missing anything obvious? Also, is there a breather tube that goes from the U-Tube to the oil pan?

Any helpful literature or advice would be greatly appreciated.


You probably need a little more......

Look at what's in the pictures, note what you don't have, and then we'll go from there.  The items that are "grayed" out are not applicable to your car. 

I have some, maybe most of these parts.  You can have anything I have for the cost of shipping.  I will check tomorrow and let you know what I have.

I went to this setup...

Wonderful! PM and discuss? Thank you for the schematics as well!

I have a 300SD airbox that was restored by the late great Scott Alexander still sitting in the box he shipped it in because I went with a different engine in my car.

You can see his original listing here:

I would probably like $150 plus shipping like I paid Scott

Message me if you might be interested.


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