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So my last adventure ended with the fuel lines blowing off the pump from the tank for some reason.

I ordered another new filter, I don't like the Fram one I got, put the new filter in and the car still won't run, I got it to chug for a minute. The fuel pump is definitely leaking. I can't tell from where though,  so I'm going to go ahead and order a seal kit from mercedesource but if that doesn't fix my probem I need back up options.

If anyone knows where I can get a pump that will work on my 74 450se D-Jet I would be very grateful.

As a side note, I've replace all the rubber lines in the rear.

New plugs wires cap rotor and upper points

Oh and coil

Definitely need the pump. Any leads?

Appears to be MB Part Number A0010917101.

Searching google with the part number shows some $$$ new , $$ used, and $-$$ aftermarket choices.

Yeah the new ones are about $460 us

Asking because I can't decide on which aftermarket is better.  Most of the people that have bought an aftermarket say it died within months.


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