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Hi 2 all. There is conflicting information on the net. I have a carburetor and 280 Mercedes, tell me please which gearbox I have 3 or 4 speed. And share your experience with whom at what speed in a quiet mode the machine switches. I would be very grateful to you.

Might be best to also give the model year, as there may have been changes in transmissions over the years.  I would think that a 280 will need a 4 speed to get going, however the 4 speed starts in 2nd gear from stopped position from what I remember, so you will only then count 2x shifts, from 2 - 3 and 3 - 4.  You can check this when stopped, put the lever in "L" and then back to "D" with brakes on, then give it hard accelleration from stopped, now you should count 3x shifts from, 1 - 2; 2 - 3 and 3 - 4.

79 year

All of the carbureted M-110 engines in W116 cars came with a W4B 025 transmission. Also known as the 722.100 version.  However, there were two versions used in the 280S.....a 722.100 and a 722.102.  Up to chassis number 014118 the early version 722.100 was used.  From chassis number 014119 the later 722.102 was used. 

Regardless of which one you have, ALL W4B 025 transmission were 4 speed automatics.  But bear in mind that they all start out in 2nd gear.  First gear is engaged only when the kickdown switch behind the gas pedal is depressed upon taking off from a dead stop, or by manually pulling the gear selector down into "L". 

Thank you very much! I finded my 4 speed))


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