Author Topic: Antenna adjustments?  (Read 76 times)


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Antenna adjustments?
« on: 07 October 2020, 01:21 PM »
My old Hirschman has been hanging in there.  I've been good about cleaning and oiling.  I think I've replaced a mast or two.

My antenna will retract completely from fully raised and from half raised, it will go done completely for about 10 cycles and then it starts to stick up a little more each cycle until about 1" is exposed.  Raising completely and lowering gets it all the way down.

I thought I'd give a new mast a try and got one from  Followed the instructions and now the antenna sticks up 1" no matter what I do.  I've had this thing apart a couple time and I'm trying to remember if there is an adjustment I need to make.  I recall that there's a toothed wheel that counts up and down the number of sections before flipping a micro switch inside to stop the motor.  Can't recall what I've done to get it to work perfectly.  Any hints?


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Re: Antenna adjustments?
« Reply #1 on: 07 October 2020, 06:30 PM »

Did you clean and lubricate the following wheel?
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