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Adding self leveling

Started by twn75, 01 October 2005, 09:00 PM


I have decided I am tired of my W116 hitting down so often  and I don't want to replace the springs with heavy duty ones and have a rough ride so I bought shocks the switch the resivoir and two new spheres I am going to have lines made up but I need the pump can anyone tell me if its the same one as a 560 or if it is different


hi styria ,I do realize that there is that tricky series of pieces behing that blank out plate and I have not had the chance or the courage to take it off yet. However i don't think that mb would be courtious enough to include those piecesso I'm still on the look out for a wrecked 560 or god forbid 6.9. But to address your reference to a 280 you have to remember that us North americans don't have access to any. Us v8 owners have the pump driven off the distributor gear and not the camshaft like the 280s