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ACCII Vacuum Switchover Valve Parts

Started by boatma1, 09 August 2023, 01:00 PM


Hi all,

I recently acquired my first W116, a 1980 300SD in Classic White with Tobacco interior. As expected, I am going through the climate control system which seems to have been neglected for years, replaced a stuck servo with the Hamilton unit and now hunting down vacuum leaks.

I've found that this two way switchover valve is not holding vacuum. The part no is 0015400497 but I've seen some indication that the three way switchover valves and possibly this two way as well were replaced by a newer equivalent part.

Can anyone recommend a substitute part or where to buy the original part? I only see one NOS original part on eBay for $100 and ships from Argentina.
1980 300SD


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Thank you for the tip. However, I'm daily driving this car in triple digit Texas weather currently and wanted something that might ship faster than from a private seller in Argentina!

As I couldn't find a definitive answer on the forums, hopefully this will answer the question for some poor soul in the future sorting through an ACCII system. I went ahead and ordered part number 0015407097 and it is a drop in replacement for all 3 switchover valves (80, 28, and 29 in the vacuum diagram).
1980 300SD