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     There is a bracket that the accelerator rod pushes against. This bracket is very securly attached to the engine. The rod it supports is blocking my access to the bolt that holds the injector bridge connector.  I need this out of my way !!!   If I remove the bracket will it be hard to put it back. Will it disrupt the accelerator pedal working correctly ?  Will rod have to be readjusted or reset ? Should I try another way to access the bolt ???  ???

This bracket? lower right of photo.

injector bridge connector?  Are you referring the the hard line connector to the injector?

     Yes rumb,  except mine has a ball on the end resting on the round recess of the bracket.    So glad for the quick response !!! I am working on car NOW  & would luv to get this taken care of today............ Is this safe to move and will the rod move enough to access the bolt......

     I am referring to the flat steel plate looking piece that secures the fuel injector . There is a bolt holding the plate I must remove to remove the injector.  :-[
      Your bracket looks to be in about the same place as mine but made a little different &   much more cleaner..........ha........anyway me moving the rod is my concern will it be hard to replace.  I wonder if I move it will it come apart and be hard to get it back in the right place

     As I said this looks a little different from mine I think........the rod looks the same & the spring upper part but the bottom part looks different, mine has a ball on the end resting in a hole , rod running through a hole in the bracket .  The bolt is underneath the bracket, like yours in the photo !!!


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