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ACC overhaul - Heater box / evaporator removal

Started by ckamila, 30 January 2012, 11:43 PM


I couldn't find a good link but it's outlined over on the peachparts diesel forum.

I looked at my AC notes and it looks like you pressurize with 200 psi of any "dry" gas and add 4 oz of R22 and then sniff. The R22 is supposed to be easier for the sniffers to pick up. R22 is a controlled substance though and it's getting pretty expensive  and getting more so every day.

Anecdotal and sort of OT but...

I was working on my home AC today (New start capacitor for the blower and low charge) and the guy at the AC shop said his R22 prices are going up 12%  ::) Like you said, knowledge is power!  Don't ask what I charged my system with  ;) but the wife is happy (And cool) again! All this learned from automotive forums!

Good luck! 


Those R4 compressors certainly have a bad reputation it seems, haven't worked with one myselfbut the Sandens are certainly a good unit.

I would be happy if R22 was only going up 12% Jon, we have a carbon tax that comes into effect here on July 1 and refrigerants are being hit hard, some types going up by over 300%. R134a is going up by

about 100%, list price will be in the order of $175/kilo, R22 will be a similar cost. Some of the commercial refrigeration gases are going to be around $380/kilo or more, that's gonna make your eyes water if   

your drinks cabinet springs a leak. It's going to cause some havoc, supermarkets have been scrambling for some time now to change to refrigerants like CO2 but it needs different equipment so not a cheap

option. I foresee beer going up too. There is a straight replacement for R22 now, R427a, haven't worked with it but it's supposed to be ok. I find it funny that you say R22 is a controlled substance now but

yet you guys can still get R 12. And yep the R22 or heaven forbid R12 are easier to detect, a good lectronic detector should pick up 134a pretty easily though.


Which part numbers did you end up ordering for the AC host firewall grommets?

Squiggle Dog

Quote from: phxadam on 25 April 2017, 01:36 PM
Which part numbers did you end up ordering for the AC host firewall grommets?

Possibly 113 997 01 81? I need to replace my firewall grommets as well since I have my whole heater box out of the car.
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