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‘80 280se- not enough clearance to remove manifold

Started by dnaspazz, 01 January 2020, 03:28 PM


Here's one I didn't expect- I am planning on replacing the intake manifold gasket. So, I got everything removed and wrestled the manifold all the way to end of the bolts. And the side of manifold hits the engine compartment wall  before it can clears the manifold bolts!  How can that be? ! I still need 3/8 of inch. Is there some trick I am missing here? 

Any ideas about how to get it to clear?

I'm worried that this is not the original manifold and this was dropped in at some point in the past. 


For now just take loose the left side motor mount and engine shock from the engine, raise that side of the engine up and then remove the intake.  Unless someone put in a non original engine in the past I'd not worry about the intake being non original.  Even if it was the other of the two intakes possible they're both going to have the tight fit.  It's not uncommon to run into clearance issues like this.  And obviously, if the motor mounts are squished, collapsed, or hard definitely renew them.  Only buy Mercedes if they're available.  All of the aftermarket ones come pre-collapsed out of the box.  ;) 
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Wow, thanks. That was pretty tough!  Got it out but had to pretty pull everything including the power steering pump line! Looks like there was a break in the gasket. Lots to do now that the the car is pulled apart.