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'79' 450 - Accumulator replacement

Started by BMW850, 14 October 2009, 05:37 AM


Thanks for all the detail and the pictures.

The M100 engine manual (disk with lousy pictures) and the transmissionmanual (Paper reprint) is available from Schiffeuropean.

Priming the pump is a common requirement  when the system has been open.

In my experience it also takes a couple of weeks driving before all the air bubbles self bleed out of the system and using the European option (which can be restored to a US car by removing the restrictor placed on the cable)  of raising and lowering the suspension a few times.

It is not easy to totally change all the fluid in the system without a complete dismantle which is why I stayed with the original M-B fluid.



we have a large commercial grade 6 gallon fluid evacuator which did quite well as the car was squat, at anyrate the system will be flushed one or two more times with either the original spec fluid or he may just stick with the Pento 7.1

I was reading about the valve modification but I decided against tampering with the vehicles appearance, specially the hydro system (this one is quite unmolested)

I did have to straighten the front ride level control arm from the sway to the valve, the original plastic retaining system was brittle and no longer would stay fastened.

here's what I did there... I used a series of groved washers and some valve cover bolt grommets for a honda accord LOL (ssshhhh!! don't tell)

it tightened up very well after it was installed and moved freely, it may even outlast the original setup but I will still try to track down a complete new arm.