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76 280SE Euro Clutch Question

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Hi guys I was wondering if anyone could help me with a clutch issue. I recently purchased a very nice all original 76 280 SE euro with factory four-speed manual.

It was having issues going into reverse so I pulled the clutch this past weekend and discovered an almost brand new clutch but some very unusual wear patterns. In addition, The release yoke showed signs of extreme heat at the top and the left side was sheared off as evidenced by the photo. Also the plate showed clear evidence where the yoke was rubbing against it.

My mechanic friend said that the pilot bearing was missing so whoever replace the clutch failed to put it in however, I can find no evidence that this car has a pilot bearing. Can someone please shed some light on this situation?

The yoke is NLA but I was able to find one on eBay.

Welcome ;D

I cannot help on your issue but I am sure other members will soon chime in.

I must however congratulate you on probably the best first time post I have ever seen in the forum!  Proper intro, clear description of the issue and excellent pics, well done ;)!

Thank you! 

Your pilot bearing is present.  It's behind the metal plate/cover in the end of the crankshaft.  In order to find the pilot bearing on EPC or in a book you have to look under the engine section at the crankshaft.  The pilot bearing will be shown and noted in this location.  It's never with the transmission or clutch area of EPC or book.  Furthermore, a missing or bad pilot bearing won't cause shifting problems.  However, if you want to renew it the part number is 115-980-01-15.  Make sure you also buy a  new cover plate, too, as you'll have to damage it to remove it.  Part number 189-031-00-33.  The pilot bearing shows to not be available any longer, but you can match the bearing up with the numbers on the old one.  Bearings are very easy to find this way.  The cover plate is still available. 

Make sure your release bearing is in good shape. It has two part numbers, both interchangeable.  000-250-55-15 and 000-250-68-15.  The last part number is still available.  Also, make sure that the release bearing guide that the release bearing slides on isn't worn.  Part number 115-261-02-43. It is also still available. 

If any part of the clutch were to cause issues shifting then it would happen in ALL gears, not just reverse.  If you're having trouble shifting into reverse then the issue lies with worn shift bushings, mis-adjusted linkage lengths, and/or worn shift detent plate housing or a broken/worn shift gate housing.  A more serious cause would be internal breakage inside of the transmission itself. 

What are you referring to when you say yoke?  There is no part in the clutch area called a yoke.  Are you maybe referring to the shift fork/shift arm? If so, the part number is. 115-290-00-29, and is still available. 

Wow, thank you!  This is exactly what I needed!


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