Author Topic: 75 280S Power Window Switch Works Backawards  (Read 75 times)


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75 280S Power Window Switch Works Backawards
« on: 04 September 2020, 04:41 PM »
Hello there, was wondering if someone knew which color wires go where on the drivers side front power window motor. Body shop took it all apart and now the drivers side windows work opposite of how they used to. I tried swapping wires  around but cannot get it right. I’m colorblind but from what it looks like there is 4 wires coming up to motor, 2 green and 2 black. Tried putting both greens and both Blacks in pairs but that didn’t work, put one green and one black on each terminal and the drivers front window started working normal but rear remains backwards still


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Re: 75 280S Power Window Switch Works Backawards
« Reply #1 on: 06 September 2020, 10:20 PM »
1: Brown (-)
3: Green (motor)
4: Black (motor)
5: Red (+)

Hope it helps.
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Re: 75 280S Power Window Switch Works Backawards
« Reply #2 on: 08 September 2020, 06:19 AM »
There are a few places where things could have been "turned around".  I am going to try this via memory as I recently did work on my windows/switches.

1) Did they have the center console out (by the shifter)? As both front and back windows are acting up on the same side and both are acting in reverse, there is a chance that the shop did have the console apart and then reassembled it with the front window plugged into the rear window switch and the rear window plugged into the front window switch.  If they did this and then installed the chrome switch holder back into the wood panel rotated 180 degrees, the two windows would be doing what you described.  I know this because I have made this mistake in my car when I first took out the center console.  To fix this, remove the center console, unplug the switches on the side that is "reversed", pop out the chrome switch  holder from the wood panel and rotate it 180 degrees and pop it back in, plug in the windows and test that everything is working.  If it is working, reinstall the console. This might be the easiest way to "fix" the problem as you don't have to take apart the doors.

2) Did they do work only in the doors and did they have the window motors apart? If so, they likely reversed the wires going into the motor at the connector.  I only remember there being two wires going into the actual motor. The connector that pairs with the motor has a plastic housing that holds the two pins. The pins can be easily reversed. You will want to use a small screwdriver to pop open the connector housing. It snaps back together. Unfortunately, you have to take apart the door to get to this.

There may be other areas where the shop reversed things ... but these are the two areas where I would start. Let me know if you need some photos...I should be able to get to my car tomorrow or later this week and have a spare window motor and switch in the trunk.
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