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73' 450se best spark plugs

Started by Rob Smith, 11 June 2023, 12:32 PM

Rob Smith

Been trying to figure out what the best spark plugs for my 200,000+ miles 73' 450se. I favor Bosch but would like some input.


Rob Smith


I think a lot of us use either NGK BP5ES or BP6ES
I do too, but can't remember which ones at this point...

Maybe that's a testament to their quality/longevity.
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We use NGK BP6ES on all our cars, except for the w124, which get NGK BP6EFS. Never had any issues with them
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Rob Smith

Jan S

NGK BP6ES on my 6.9 (US-version). Works great.
1975-mod W116 450 SE with 6.9 engine


If you favor Bosch, you can still buy the correct non resistor Bosch plugs from Mercedes. 
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