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#7114 ALMOST running properly !

Started by CraigS, 18 July 2007, 06:57 AM


#7114 is proving a very hard beast to sort out ! After sitting for 4 years, and having already cleaned the fuel tank, changed the filter, fuel pump, accumulator, Spark plugs, HT ignition leads, ignition box and green lead, distributor cap, and Warm-up regulator to name but a few parts (I'm sure there are others I have forgotten), it still doesn't run right. In tandem with Ron Bunting, we WILL get this to run right, but according to the latest from Ron today, when he has had it running right, albeit briefly, it is unlike any other 6,9 he has driven. He says that it absolutely flies - and doesn't feel like it is pulling any weight at all. I guess this is the difference between a Euro and Aus spec engine, and being so late in the run, maybe there were a few others goodies installed that we don't know about.

I can't wait until it does run properly, and I can compare it to the others. Maybe later this week all going well, and I can report to those present on the Sunday drive.


There's no supercharger hidden in the glovebox at all?   ;)


Now that's a thought ! Maybe Ron has changed the ignition system for what he has done to his 6.3 - electronic timing system from a GT40 !