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6.9 underbonnet wiring??????

Started by Bandolero, 13 April 2006, 05:55 AM


Hope someone can help me here.
My 1978 6.9 has 3 separate 2-pin plugs under the bonnet that are near the fusebox and the battery.
1 is for the indicator light showing if the front brake pads are worn.
2 is for the brake master cylinder warning light, but I don't know what number 3 is for. It comes out of the fuse box and when I bridge the 2 wires together, the handbrake warning light comes on. However, the handbrake warning light comes on properly when I apply the handbrake, without this connector plugged into anything. (This connector goes nowhere and is not plugged into anything at all)
My 1979 280SE only has the 2 connectors, 1 for the pad wear and 2 is the master cylinder warning light.
I hate it when previous owners stuff up the electrics!!!!!!
Russell Bond - (Adelaide, South Australia)
1978 450SEL 6.9 .... #5166 .... 12/78 (Sold.) [url="//"][/url]