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6.9 starter

Started by raueda1, 29 July 2019, 07:51 PM


ha ha, no worries Matt. I thought this post was dead and buried! It looked odd to me in that there are two larger wires on the one bolt with the 13mm nut.  the two different screw heads should prevent you getting them the wrong way around.  you can always try starting it without actually fitting it into the bell housing and ring gear I suppose. I need to buy a new solenoid for my old starter to repair it. good luck matt
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We got the starter tentatively mounted, but we've noticed something: My starter is a newer Bosch replacement. It has a "Unit may not appear identical to original, but will work perfectly. Trust us. Please. <3" note in the box. While it is visually different, it seems to be a match. I did notice that the lower mount point isn't threaded. I'm going to have to install a nut on it, in order to get the starter to mount.

I'll solve that after I've managed to get the upper bolt installed, since that one is currently proceeding at 1/16th of a turn at a time. I've no idea how Nathan managed to re-install his so speedily (unless there was a bunch of cussing and fumbling cut out of the video  :P ).

Thank you, again, for that video, Nathan. It has made a world of difference for me. I'd been staring at those two little wires for months (years?), and failed to notice they're different sizes. It wasn't until I heard you say it that I noticed that.
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