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6.9 High Pressure Steering Hose. News You Can Use

Started by john erbe, 13 March 2022, 02:20 PM

john erbe

Hopefully. Just swapped in same hose from an '85 126 chassis ,V-8. Same end fittings and length. Took through paces on test drive. No moans or noise. So far, so good. Local Pic N" Pull, $17 plus their world famous 30 day guarantee. Take that Classic Center!!!


I'll bet all of the money in the world that if Classic/Mercedes knew this they'd go out of their way to discontinue the gen.1 W126 high pressure p/s hoses. 
1966 250se coupe`,black/dark green leather
1970 600 midnight blue/parchment leather
1971 300sel 6.3,papyrus white/dark red leather
1975 450se, pine green metallic/green leather
1973 300sel 4.5,silver blue metallic/blue leather
1979 450sel 516 red/bamboo