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6.9 Euro spec into W114 Coupe

Started by BAXIVERSE, 13 March 2024, 04:11 AM


Hi folks hope you're all well. I've been slowly moving forward with this project and since I haven't seen another one out there, thought I'll share the whole project with you. The 71 250C is the first car I ever owned some 20 years back and it's been with me through it all. Shape and size is so perfect on the w114, but yikes that engine. Many years back I switched the Zenith Carbs with Webers which helped..(really?)..ok.. So it's time to step it up..

Would love to do a 5 speed conversion, but at the moment I'm a bit restrained on resources and options. So far I have the euro spec 6.9 and the 3speed auto trans and the limited slip. Missing a few major parts still (air flow meter- the part the fuel distributer sits on, the crank pulley and a bunch more parts I'll list later)
Will post more pics of the car and the engine soon. Be ups everyone stay wild


I sincerely wish you luck, let us know how it goes.

I have a W114 (1974 280) which I planned to engine swap. I took out the engine, and measured the engine bay width at 25.5 inches. I wanted to put in a M113 v8 but that engine is about 26" wide. The narrowest M116/117 v8 is the 380se engine at 26" wide. The 6.9 engine is about 28" wide. So to use any Mercedes v8 you need to cut metal.
'75 280S
'77 6.9
'82 300TD


Good luck with your project, keep us updated  8)