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6.9 engine rebuild with pics

Started by nathan, 16 July 2017, 10:32 AM


Quote from: andrewk on 25 December 2022, 09:20 PMThis thread has been incredible useful for getting the right part numbers for hoses and other parts I need to get my 6.9 into a reliable, enjoyable and safe condition - especially in the Australian summer.

Hey Nathan, i'm curious to know two things - what was the part number or source of the correct clear/white braid washer hose? Mine is brown and crumbling like the insulation on the engine bay wiring.
Further to that, where did you get the radiator re-cored? I'm going to get the borescope into mine and run a flush through it first - actually, the cooling system has been well maintained and the coolant is free from contamination.

Thanks again for the information and helpful post - A

No need to get fancy here.  I found identical tubing at my local hardware store.  It's just clear, fiber reinforced PVC tubing.  They had a big rack of spools in various sizes ranging from tiny to maybe 3 cm OD.  It's pretty cheap too.  If not at a hardware store then just look for a tubing/hose supplier.  I suggest slicing the old tubing off with a razor rather than trying to pull it off the fitting.  Very high risk of breaking the fitting cause old tubing is hard as a rock (you can probably guess how I know this  ::) )  Looks much better than the brown, discolored old junk!  Cheers,
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Lemme hook you guys up on the washer hose:

0109978982  cheap and you can buy it by the meter too.
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Quote from: daantjie on 26 December 2022, 02:09 PMLemme hook you guys up on the washer hose:

0109978982  cheap and you can buy it by the meter too.

This is the case with Pelican Parts. One is from Cohline and the other is a MB part, but with the same number.
MB Classic suggest the part is definitely black, but will investigate further to see if other stock is available.

Actually, I have hose in the right size here in my lab but it is slightly tinted and the braid looks very different. I'd like to retain the OE appearance where possible.

Unfortunately, the following parts not available from MB Classic Center at the time of writing:

Ground cable -116 540 05 31 not currently available. Not discontinued but in production with no stock
Flashing - 116 887 00 45 no longer available
Breather hose- 100 090 01 82 no longer available
Clamp - 916016 005201 no longer available
Windshield washer connector - 113 869 00 24 no longer available
Brake fluid reservoir RHD - 001 431 53 02 no longer available
Air slide valve hose - 100 094 12 91 no longer available
Fan clutch - 116 200 05 22 no longer available

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MB Classic is wrong.  The hose was never black. 
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If you DDG the part number and view images you will see about half of them show black tubing now. Is it possible that MB changed their specs?
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The hose MB Classic have under that PN is definitely black now. Michael will check for me when back from holidays next week to see if there is also clear hose.

Also very curious to know the part number for ignition wires, mine are definitely on their last sparks. Classic Centre didn't know if the 6.3 wires worked and asked me for a part number :P

Attn: Nathan. enjoy your holiday! I'll look for a radiator shop in the new year, if that fails over here in the East, I'll ask for your guy. Makes sense to do it before I replace the coolant hoses, one of which is definitely original (lower hose) and starting to look sketchy.

1979 450 SEL 6.9 (#5532) - silbergr√ľn metallic