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4spd 280SE D-Jet Misfire / Oil pressure low / Tune up

Started by carzilike, 23 May 2024, 01:59 PM


Hi all, I bought a manual euro spec car which is a 1977 (on paper) D-Jet car. I'm wondering what I can do to help resolve a misfire and lower oil pressure - needle hovers above 1 and below 2 at idle sometimes and car feels like its struggling to stay ON.

I'm told oil pressure needle should normally be at 2 or above it at idle?

Other issues:

Exhaust flanges towards muffler are now leaking and muffler also has a slow leak

I also noticed that there's smoke inside the engine when you open to engine oil filler cap. I assume its burning oil... not sure if the mechanic used the correct oil brand / grade / spec but I believe he said it was 10w40 which may be wrong. What do you guys use?

When the car starts sometimes, it really struggles to come to life and the oil pressure needle hovers above 1 and stays there. I have had the car also stall on me once after some driving and starting it warm. It feels almost like the fuel in getting to the engine too slowly

Other times it starts and runs just fine and the oil pressure needle goes straight to 3 at cold start

I've already had the fuel pump and filter replaced. Both which were very old and cheap parts.

I can see that one of the spark plug wires is frayed. I can only assume it needs plugs and wires. Not sure how the cap / rotor are but I assume it'll need those too. What parts do you guys recommend I use? Copper plugs I assume?

The car sat for some years indoors and I would like to get it running right again. Surprisingly, I can drive it for an hour or 2 without any issues but don't want more issues to arise out of negligence 

Looking for advice on what to start with before throwing more money at it as I'm paying a mechanic to do all the work


The fact that the oil pressure can hit full scale deflection 3 bar is comforting. The ratty oil pressure when idling of between 1 and 2 bar is  ok and will probably settle down  at 2 bar hot if and when you can get the thing to idle smoothly at 750 rpm.;
Obviously the car ...which has been sitting around for awhile.. needs a good zero based tune before worrying about the ins and outs of the fuel injection. ie  it needs the works!
Nearly for sure there are issues with the d jet. Get everything else sorted then tackle that.

IMHO 10/40 is too light for an old girl ...smoke coming out of the oil cap is blowby and all old engines suffer from it. Just how bad yours is is subjective but make sure your engine is breathing properly and there are no blockages in the PCV .


Does anyone know if the Euro spec 280SE with D-jet takes 0.032" gap or 0.035" gap for the spark plugs?
I just want to make sure I get the right parts. Although the car fires right up usually, one of the spark plug wires is frayed / damaged so I'm wondering if I should get that?
Also wondering if the cap / rotor are different on the Euro d-jet model vs north American k-jet?

Rockauto suggests spark plugs for this car with all various gaps from 0.028" to 0.035"
just want to get the right parts and I will stick to copper plugs given the age of the vehicle