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450SE Sunroof Leaking Problem

Started by simon132, 01 December 2005, 04:27 AM


My Aussie 450SE has a nasty habit of leaking on me from the right (driver) side roof.  I think it must be the sunroof as it stopped leaking when I silastic(ed) it all up while waiting for new seals.  Well, the new seals have made no difference, it still leaks.

The water drips from the visor and I have to drape myself in wet weather gear every time I go out.  Other benz owners have told me that it is a standard 'feature' and I should not worry about it, perhaps just use the silastic again. I think they just like to laugh at me!

I would like to think that there is an easy fix.  Any suggestions?



Mine leaked - from either front corner - when I acquired it a few years ago.

The seals were dry and brittle, so I replaced the entire set (not expensive in parts - about three hours in labour was the main cost).

Since then it generally remains watertight. However, if I haven't opened it for a month (never do in summer!) it can move slightly out of alignment, courtesy of much rumbling over shameful goat tracks (listening, mister roads Minister?) and the consequent body flexing.

An open and shut usually realigns it and all is well for another month or two.
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Thanks guys. I typically don't have rust problems so I will 'invest' in a sunroof 'alignment'.BTW, does this involve crystals and chanting?

But seriously, any advice on who I can turn to in old Sydney town?  I am in Marrickville, inner west.


I have had precisely this problem on my '77 6.9 when I got it. The problem sounds exactly like you describe so there is probably the same cause.

To fix the leak I undid the plastic panel above the sun visors and removed it. I also freed some of the headliner by undoing the side roof panels.I found that the metal frame which holds the sunroof had corroded at the drain points in the corners. Normally water drains down rubber tubes at each corner and the rubber tubes slip over the metal pipes. These metal pipes had rusted and holes were created by rust. Since this part of the car cannot be seen I used ISOPON filler to fill the holes in the sides of the metal tubes. A comprehensive solution would have been uneconomic.

Having put it all back together there are no more internal showers. ;) This repair was done 3 years ago and it's holding fine.

Note that the felt seals around the sunroof are there only to prevent large volumes of water getting in. It is normal for some water to get in even with new seals. Given clear drain channels all water will drain and not cause further corrosion. Problems usually result from long neglect of the sunroof. Exercise yours frequently.

'77 6.9 in the UK


Quote from: "styria"... if the Sunroof frame has rusted in the area between the UNDERSIDE of the roof of the car and the Sunroof frame, physical inspection WILL NOT show up any rust that may be present-only dismantling of components enables inspection of that area ... the thing will not move, come rain, hail, sunshine AND rough roads. ...

I had my sunroof entirely removed, and all rust cut out (quite bad around the front drainpipes/corners). Since then it's been mostly okay but, Styria, have you seen (and lived on) the likes of our local goat tracks? Even the highway through this town is a potholed, corrugated goat track - over which I'd like to take the roads minister for a long billycart ride. As for the local-government-maintained "roads" ... even to call them goat tracks is unduly high praise. They would test the structural integrity of any car (although I must admit my older chariots - the W111, W112, W108 - seem to cope better than the 116; but then, they don't have sunroofs).
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Adam, you were absoluteley right.  The drain holes had become clogged with gunk and were not draining.  3 years and 40 minutes later I can drive in the rain without taking a shower!

Any idea where the rubber tube actually leads to?


Quote from: "styria"AdamB, we would also like to welcome you to this site as a new contributor and like to get some more information about your 6.9, and anything else that you may be comfortable with to make public on this site. I think it is a good site in regards to constructive contributions and advice and, to my mind, that is what it is all about. Regards, Styria

Thank you for being so welcoming. In order not to pollute this thread I'll introduce myself on another topic.


Quote from: "simon132"Adam, you were absoluteley right.  The drain holes had become clogged with gunk and were not draining.  3 years and 40 minutes later I can drive in the rain without taking a shower!

Any idea where the rubber tube actually leads to?

I assume that was 3 *hours*. Sounds about right when doing this the first time. You are lucky it was just blockage.