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450 - M117 Timing Chain Replacement

Started by WGB, 20 April 2007, 10:15 AM


Thanks Tim. I've asked, since I have the whole set of timing parts and the manual didn't really give me good signal on how big a job this would actually be. I guess I'll stick to the easy bit for now :) It's my first thing to do after all of steering and suspension gets done.
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Can anyone please suggest if 1 man can do this without removing the cam followers (or am I better of making/buying the spring compressor)?

I sort of hit the Morton's Fork: either get this car 100% and registered or sell it and buy a Camry.
The timing chain is at the top of the list for too long.
It appears as a simple enough process for 1 man but I am worried that cam kickback by the valve springs can put me in dire situation...

BTW, excellent resource you made WGB.
I found multiple references to it on the web

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TJ 450

As long as you're very careful, it won't be a problem. I've done it without removing the rockers until recently. Just make sure the chain doesn't slip. I use two or more large cable ties to tightly hold the chain on the sprocket on both sides of the split. The cable ties need to be cut and replaced as you feed the chain through. Just take your time and eventually both ends will hopefully meet up without a gap.

Admittedly it's an absolute walk in the park without rockers though.

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Tnx TJ450, that's good news.

I looked up last night and spring compressors are available on flea bay for ~$160 delivered which is, IMO, silly expensive for what it is but it still may be economically viable (I will have to adjust the valve shims afterwards).

Unfortunately I am not aware of anyone selling this in AUS.

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That's pretty cheap for what they are on sale elsewhere MB quoted me well over £300. You can make your own all you need are two forks to go under the cam either side of the lobe with two feet to go either side of the rocker on the valve spring and a short bar angled to clear the intake manifold etc and weld it all together. Seems to work OK although a couple of things are in the way on some cylinders but for what is almost a one time use its cheap enough to throw away after.
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US$66 for the tool is no-brainer against the manufacture but US$50 delivery kills the joy. There are even more expensive ones.
I think I will buy it in spite the total cost. Still less cost then to manufacture it locally.

I never use dealership prices to compare to anything. Their list prices are usually approx 2.5x-4x more expensive
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