Author Topic: 280SE conversion from SLS to springs. Looking for a particular thread/info  (Read 5942 times)


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Too funny.
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Hi everyone.

I've been searching around and noticed quite a few posts making reference to a thread of an SLS to springs conversion on a 280SE. After considerable searching, I can't find it.

I'm very interested in the thread as I'm toying with the idea af disabling my SLS. Can anyone provide a link to the thread?

I know basically what's involved in the process, but would like to learn more.

Hi chrismsullivan. Did you find a solution?


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chrismsullivan, I am trying to reinstall the SLS on my car but former owner, unfortunately, deleted half of the system. Could you please send me photos of the hoses in the engine bay? I want to find out how to route them as I have to have newly built hoses ordered.

If you could please email me at