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280SE catalyst light

Started by Matt Crouse, 07 September 2005, 09:36 AM

Matt Crouse

Hi all,

Can someone explain to me the conditions which cause the CATALYST dash light to turn on? Obviously it would normally indicate the catalyst needs to be serviced, but as my car has none at present(the pre-cats broke apart internally a while back so I had the whole business hollowed out until my next smog test) I find it odd that the catalyst light is coming on intermittently, especially when driving very slowly (rush hour traffic or pulling into my garage). Any thoughts? Thanks.


The catalyst light is turned on by a mileage counter. You will find it attached in the drivers footwell by the steering column. The speedo cable from the gearbox runs into it and then continues to the speedo. There is a little reset button on it. I believe it turns on every 30K miles. In your case being intermitent it is probably a loose electrical connection. Does anything else flicker? If so its probably a fuse. If not its probably the bulb connection in the instrument panel. Since you don't have a catalyst you could probably just press the reset button and be done with it for 30K miles.