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280S radiator pipes
« on: 26 February 2019, 11:24 PM »
Hi guys

Where do you source water pipes for your vehicles?

I had a look on the EPC link I got on the forum the other day and the two pipes for top and bottom of my radiator seems NLA.

Seems in South Africa our radiators were country specific.
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Re: 280S radiator pipes
« Reply #1 on: 27 February 2019, 12:52 AM »
The only things in the book that there are different versions of is the lower  part of the lower radiator hose itself.  The same radiators were used world wide, both RHD and LHD.  The same applies for the fan shroud. 

For the upper radiator hose, part number 110-501-22-82, was used on all world market cars.  It is still available, and stock is plenty. 

The lower radiator hoses.....  There are two used....and upper and a lower one.  The upper one connects to the rear of the water pump housing above the alternator.  If the car has air conditioning (York or Sanden), as well as secondary air injection with a catalytic converter, then you'll have to remove the compressor and its mounting bracket to get to this hose, as well as the hose that runs between the thermostat housing and the water pump housing. (part number 900271-042022, order by the meter). This upper one is part number 110-501-16-82, and is still readily available.  The lower hose of the lower radiator hoses is VIN specific.  Up to chassis number 042018 part number 110-501-19-82 is used, and from VIN 042019 part number 110-501-25-82 is used.  Both are still readily available, as well. 

I'm not sure who told you these hoses were no longer available, but they lied to you.  You may have to go through Classic, but they are available.  We also have  to remember that many, if not most, dealerships employ people that know nothing about the older models.  Nor are they even aware that the parts catalogs cover the older models.  The majority aren't even aware that parts are even available for the older models.  They may have actual books that cover the older models, but it's a mystery to them as to how to use a book, much less open one.  In light of the aforementioned, most dealerships cop out and tell you "Sorry sir/madam.  These parts are no longer available."  It's their safe thing to say when they aren't aware or are too lazy to want to help with the older models.  It's so damned infuriating. 

If you need help procuring these hoses, or anything else for that matter, please reach out.  We're happy to help.  Try to stay away from after market hoses, and do not use generic hose clamps, as they'll cut into your new hoses rendering them useless. 
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