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280 SE fuel level sender - where to buy

Started by Feather535, 01 October 2022, 09:02 PM


Quote from: revilla on 05 October 2022, 12:05 AMYou essentially have only 2 wires in the unit (that seems like 3). 1 copper like and 1 thin silver like. The latter starts at W, loops around the bottom base and continues on up until reaching the "cap"

This is the key!  I see now that the silver wire is a loop.  Before I tested continuity on each leg of the loop relative to a different terminal.  Now measuring only from terminal W, there is continuity all along the wire until it returns to the bottom of the cap, but not between the wire and terminal G. So I think the conclusion is the same: there is a broken connection between the post for terminal G on the outside and the copper terminals on the inside that the wire is soldered to. 

How to repair that is the question.  It looks like it would involve disassembling and reassembling that side of the cap == lots of time.


Quote from: Feather535 on 06 October 2022, 08:19 AMNow measuring only from terminal W,

Sorry, I wrote this wrong: it's from terminal T that there continuity all the way around.  Terminal W is for the reserve light, and that's a separate story.