1980 300SD Rear Bendix Caliper Rebuild (caliper half seal rings, anybody?)

Started by HoundFables, 21 March 2024, 10:21 PM



I'm doing some work on my brake system, and figured I'd go ahead and replace/rebuild all of the rubber bits, including the calipers themselves.

I didn't realize before embarking that my rear calipers were indeed Bendix, while my front calipers were Ate (figured they'd be the same all around, and I'd only checked the front end for fitment). I went ahead and purchased Ate rebuild items before realizing this was the case--whoops!

Anyways, I've got some caliper half seal rings that were supposed to fit Ate calipers, and I'm just wondering if they'd also fit the Bendix calipers in the rear. I'm hesitant to split them apart to check, for obvious reasons.

I've spent the last couple hours scouring the internet and trying to find parts, but info on the Bendix calipers is scarce. None of the rebuild kits I am turning up with seem to include these caliper half seal rings.

Any ideas?


How about you find a second hand Ate rear calipers, rebuild them, and then just swap into your car?
They fit from w123 and w126 (at least first gen) too, so it won't be a problem sourcing them, and they should be cheap