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1979 300SD Transmission Cooler Hard Line

Started by jtwoods4, 22 July 2023, 10:32 AM


Hey guys, I am looking for the drivers side transmission cooler hard line for my 1979 300SD. I have been searching the internet for at least an hour and cannot find a part number or any reference to this part. Can someone help point me in the right direction?
1980 300SD


I believe this is the part you'd want. The newer version is actually flexible; was one of the components I had to get changed out after I got mine.

Transmission Cooler Line
1979 300 SD "Liesel", 282k Miles


Left Line: A 116 270 22 96
Right Line: A 116 270 26 96

I tried to get these parts a few years ago from various online MB dealership parts departments, and the MB Classic center in Irvine, CA.
Even though the part numbers were active, they all responded that the parts were not available.

I pulled used lines from the junkyard, but all had some wear from the metal line clamps (A 120 995 00 05).
The rubber grommets (A 112 997 02 81) are too thin to prevent damage to the lines from vibration.
Thicker rubber, like the damping strips (A 116 476 02 84) used for for the fuel lines, along with wider clamps would be a better solution, if using stock lines.

A good hydraulic shop could fabricate replacements, if you can't obtain stock lines.
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