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1979 300SD OM617 uprated cam issue

Started by 79W116, 16 January 2024, 09:53 AM


Quote from: UTn_boy on 23 January 2024, 07:58 PMNot entirely correct. This is how I got his engine number.....I typed his VIN in, hit enter, and a data sheet icon on the top right, when opened, shows the engine number, transmission number, date of delivery, and country code.  The very late W116 cars, especially U.S. models, were somehow included in the stored data card databases.  Granted, they don't show option codes or SA option codes, nor does it show pain color or interior trim code. 

Interesting. Mine is 07/1979, and isn't included, and when I reached out to Fellbach they basically said no W116 records were (or were planned to be) digitised at all. Pity, as it's great to be able to just rock up to the dealership and they can print it out within seconds, at no charge. And even better if you have Xentry access.
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