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1978 280SEL cold start issue

Started by waybomb, 30 December 2004, 08:56 AM


Newbie to this forum.
I'm looking at a 1978 280SEL that's about 900 miles away from where we live (Camden, N.J.). The current owner has only had the car for a few months and bought it from the original owner. By all accounts, the car looks great, with only three problems described, two of which I can fix easily.

1) Drivers seat bolster is torn - easy fix

2) Driver's window goes down but needs help coming up - easy fix, if its anything like a 126 car.

3) Cold start problem. I'll describe it third party -It needs to be started multpile times, runs rough, dies, restart, etc, etc. Once the engine is warmed up, it aledgedly runs absolutely perfect, even after it is turned off and sits for a while, it will start up and run fine, provided it is warmed up.

So my questions are:
1) What could be causing this?
2) What would be the most expensive part needing replacement (I'd do the work)?
3) All the parts still available?