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1976 280SE Alternator

Started by medstudent, 22 November 2005, 08:31 AM


Hello all!

I need some advice regarding purchasing an alternator.  I have a 1976 280SE W116.  I was browsing and found one for a 1976 280S.  It is a 55 amp alternator...part number AL80X.  I also found one on eBay; however, the model number is AL117X.  The description says that models with 55 amp AL80X alternators can be upgraded to 65 amp alternators.

My questions are: 1) Would the alternator (AL80X) for the 280S and 280SE be interchangeable? and 2) Is it true that a 65 amp can be used to replace a 55 amp alternator?

I appreciate any comments, advice...

Thanks in advance!