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15 inch bundt wheels

Started by twn75, 29 June 2005, 03:59 PM


I found some bundt wheels that are aftermarket but are 15 inch diameter. Can someone shed some light on these



"Bundt Cake" or "Baroque Wheel" are just two common names given to the original equipment alloy wheel from MB in the 70s (and earlier).

There were indeed factory 15" "bundt" wheels, manufactured by Fuchs and used on special projects like armored cars and ambulances. I believe they have a W126 part number. Other 15" bundt copies were made by several companies including ATS and Ronal.

I actually had also located an original set in Sydney that I was considering until I heard the price of also AUD1,000 each :shock: :shock:

Also, the "Baroque Wheel" from Fuchs (7J x 15) are once again available from the Classic Centre. The Classic Centre has arranged from the manufacturer a final, limited production run and costs EURO 430 each! :shock:
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I found here in Estonia 4pcs.set of 15inch ,7wide "barocque wheels"with Mercedes center caps. Made by CENTRA in germany(now RONAL)
Needs lot of grinding and prepainting works.
Edit:Used Set cost here smth.around 250Usd.