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116 Wiper System

Started by 1974450SEL, 14 November 2008, 09:22 AM


I have some questions on the Wiper System on my 450.  I have become very familiar with the "mechanicals" of it lately because the linkages that connect the wiper motor to the blades keep slipping off due to dry rotted/worn retainers.  I have replaced these with closely matching rubber washers from Auto Parts stores but they only last a few days of wiper use before they wear out.  Does anyone have an idea where to get a factory replacement of the these retainers?  I've tried various venues online and most only have the blades or wiper motors which I do not need.  Also on a US Spec 116, which side are the Wiper Blades supposed to be parked, driver or passenger?  When I got the car they were on the passenger so I've kept them like that but have heard from a Mercedes Mech they should be on the drivers side when they are turned off.  Thanks for any information.




Where do you find the complete contained unit?  I would want a new one vs taking an old one.  Thanks for the quick reply. 




FYI, my US spec wipers park on the passenger (right) side.  The right wiper moves in a rather small arc and the left moves in a huge arc that stops at the left edge.

The ends of the arms are bent such that the wipers are parallel to each other and the lower edge of the windshield.

The auto parts store wiper picker outer thing tells me to put a 19" on the driver side and a 18" on the passenger side.  Doesn't work out for me.  I put 18's on both sides and cut the last 1/4" of the end of the left one so it won't hit the gasket/trim at the top of the arc.

Never seen any part of the transmission so I can't help with that part.

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A little late in all replies but I've since obtained a spare used unit off ebay that I will refurbish as a back up to mine, which is still working with the last set of washers I installed in November.  Where can one get replacement wiper arms?