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116 instrument cluster removal

Started by MerchantMariner, 30 March 2012, 03:26 PM


Is there a easier way to remove the cluster . I've done it before ,but I had a terrible time reconnecting the speedo last time . I even tried removing the panel beneath the steering wheel to get my hand behind the dash. It worked ,but my hand took a beating in the process. Also is it ok to turn the speedo key hole to line it up with the cable . (It's a different speedo and is probably out of alignment)  Many thanks,Andrew


I've disconnected the speedo cable on the OTHER end i.e. not on the end that plugs into the odometer/speedo and then just pull the cable thru attached to the cluster. :)


Andrew, the speedo cable has a plastic clamp that holds it to the firewall near where it meets the floor board. Loosen the clamp and that will allow the cluster to move a little further out which greatly facilitates the whole operation.